Did You Hear That? vol 2

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[[August 30th]]
I just wanted to say thanks for just over a week on the front page. I appreciate it Tom. We even got the big featured item slot for a day or two! So that was really wicked :D
As of today we also hit 100k views which is awesome! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to watch. It was a blast to make, and I appreciate the support. Look out for a volume 3 somewhere down the line!

[[August 23rd]]
Sorry for some of the initial bugs with the menu, but I got everything ironed out. The About section now works, the sounds contributed are corrected, and a few other minor adjustments are ready to go!!


"Did You Hear That?" is a collaboration of sound and animation from 10 talented artists here on Newgrounds.

All participants in this collab were hand selected by me, Goat-Man. All activities in this collab were conducted through privatemessages. Meaning members had no interaction with each other, and never knew who they were working with.

Each member was told to hand in one random sound effect.The sound was allowed to be anything that they wanted. I took all handed in sound effects, and organized them into a random order. Each member was given this compiled sound file, and weren't allowed to change it in any way.

Since there were no interactions between members, each animation came out 100% different because they were unable to take ideas from one another.

The name "Did You Hear That?" came from the idea that each sound effect was interpreted differently. So each member heard and invisioned a different scene than the others.

This is actually the first time that members in the collab will be able to see everyone that they worked with throughout the project. But, that was really just me being a tease more than anything :P

Thank you so much to the members for your hard work and efforts.
This was a blast to work on, and I loved organizing it!
I hope you all love how it turned out as much as I do.

Special thanks to LazyMuffin for narrating the menu, and also making a fantastic song! It really helped make it that much more enjoyeable :)
A big thanks to Mr. Fulp for giving us a spot on the front page, as well as the featured movie section! Thanks so much! I love Newgrounds!!


I herd that sound and found a glitch

well after the song on the menu I herd a girl say somthing and the third guitar string from the left on the menu will not move wen I mouse over it.


I noticed the guitar on the menu! If you put your mouse on it it strums!

That was really cool!

This is a really cool and unique idea for a flash collaboration!

Coughing-dog and turtleco were my favorites.

The only point off is because about halfway through the flash, hearing the same sound gets tedious, but that's to be expected.

Even so, I loved it. It was fun to watch and see how everyone interpreted the sounds.

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I heard it.

The monotony of hearing the same sound 10 times got to me, but there's really not much you could've done about that. Animations were great and really surprised to see how young quite a few are for the quality of work. Also, I probably spent more time playing with that guitar after watching it haha.

that menu song was (sorry to say this but) the fun

but it was kind of awesome that you made all that withe the same sound

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Aug 22, 2010
8:18 PM EDT