Pube Muppets Quest

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Expect faeces, blood, seaman, and more.


There you go!

A Pube Muppet animation with actual animation! And something more than just a long monologue! Backgrounds have some animation, objects move, there's more than one scene, there's a story line... Good job!

If Pube Muppet had started out on NG this way in the first place, he probably would've gotten a better reputation instead of NG users using him as a cheap excuse to make crappy flash movies, and the humorous anti-PM movie I made wouldn't have needed that little rant at the end :P


It's been so long since some one made a flash with pube muppet, I had forgotten how funny they could be.

An Oscar, you deserve

Pube Muppet movies with actual animation are unbeatable. And I haven't seen one at all in a long, long time. Sooooooooo... Best thing ever? Maybe.

MrGilClock responds:

There's more to come, once I remember how to script a button.

Well not really much to say...

I already knew what to expect when I saw that you couldn't spell "feces" or "semen" right in the Author comments..
I'm sorta assuming that you did that because you think that's "funny" but whatever.

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MrGilClock responds:

im glad i wasted your precuoius time

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Aug 22, 2010
5:22 PM EDT