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Zombeasts Stampede

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Zombified animals are on the loose and ready to rampage. Eliminate them before they eliminate you!
Reuploaded because of co-author glitch (was boredcom before, it should be grifter101 as it is now)

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it is hard but i like it

Great game

I like how the levels vary on what they need to beat them (i.e. rush levels that need high rate of fire, a tank level that needs high damage, and normal levels that are a mix of both).

I noticed a few glitches (such as the health bar for a dead turtle occasionally migrating back to the end of the level after they are dead), but none that really affected gameplay except for one: the first time I played the re-uploaded version, I was still hit by the persistent bullet glitch, which is a major problem if you use the pulse gun, because they're animated and slow the game down to a crawl (amusingly enough, this glitch seems to make the pulse gun better because it gives it splash damage). I had no problems with it this time (did you re-upload it again?) so I don't know if that is still a problem. The only other problem I had was that it wouldn't let me submit my score no matter how many times I tried, but that could be a problem on my end.

The only real thing I would change is giving the game a save option, and possibly shortcuts for the upgrades.

To the other reviewers: reload affects how quickly the gun shoots, not how quickly it reloads (all guns seemed to reload at the same speed for me). The pulse gun is nearly useless at first, but once you upgrade the reload time 5-6 times, it's great for anything but the swarms. With a highly upgraded pulse gun (reload time down to 750) and a highly upgraded gatling gun, I finished the last level with almost two full crates. The pulse gun also shoots targeted fire, hitting where you click no matter how many other animals are in the way.


not bad, but the games hangs up after the fourth wave. i would have scored better but the darn thing didn't work right.

A great time-waster.

I can't comment on other reviews, but -- I beat it. In fact, I was going to say it needs to be harder -- at least until the end (that was CLOSE... and the HP bar on the albino ape was a little off; it died before the bar was done).

So, my comments: PAUSE is essential; save would be nice; the fact that the hits are only linear (no way to hit the animals in back or below) is a pain; a bunch of the weapons aren't worth it; and there shouldn't be any way to waste cash on decreasing reload time on infinite ammo guns (which is pointless, for obvious reasons). The difficulty kind of jumps around (there's no smooth ramp-up, although it does increase overall) -- and I made the assumption that if you lost your family you could re-add them... but if that's not the case, that seriously handicaps the player.

As for anyone having issues: stick with the handgun, hire your sister first, jump to the machine gun as soon as you can, upping damage & ammo... if possible, go into level 7 with $1000 and then you should have more than $3000 after the Polar Bear, so you can buy the Gatling gun. After that, hire Pop & then Mom. Eventually you may be tempted to buy the Pulse gun -- but be aware it's not full auto. You'll want to switch back & forth between that and the Gatling at the end levels, though. Good luck!

some annoying things.

The overall idea isn't too original, but that doesn't make it a bad game.
Some points that should be redone though.
There is some very weird hit recognition on here, you could be shooting just over the heads of some animals and yet you still hit them, now this isn't a big problem, unless you are trying to hit some others behind it.
Also the you should have the specs of the guns like rate of fire showing, I saved up for the Pulse Rifle and even if you saved up perfectly for it, it is a waste of money due to its incredibly slow rate of fire. You should increase its rate of fire, and its price accordingly to keep a stable difficulty curve, so that when you do have it, you still have some of a challenge when you have it.

Maybe even increase the power of the guns so that they are actually useful, you would think a sniper rifle would have more firepower to make up for its low rate of fire and ammo clip.

Shotgun- useless, crap firepower, horrible spread.

If anything, the only useful guns are the ones with high rates of fire.

Thats all I can think of, I'm only saying this because it impedes gameplay horrendously.

Aside from all this, it has serious potential. The unique abilities of some animals makes it fun to play such as the kangaroos jumping inside of just shuffling over like the other zombies, the elephants shooting projectiles from their trunks, and the bears and other larger animals, which incidentally are the most annoying enemies in this game due to the low firepower and their insanely high health, not to mention you can't shoot around them to kill smaller enemies and buy yourself some time.

I hope this was helpful at least in one way and did not sound too much like whining. Good luck on future projects.