Puzzle De Pon Soundboard

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This was originally made with PowerPoint. I used I-Spring to convert to flash.


I Don't Know How This Could Be Used For Pranks...

...But I'll find a way, and besides, love the music. As soundboard, this is not particularly clever or original. Especially considering that they were ripped from a video game. Yet I'm fine with it.

Game O-vah!

Nice job on the soundboard. Puzzle de Pon is one of my favorite puzzle games.

My only complaint is that the controls are a bit weird. But I suppose that's because of the conversion from p.point to flash.

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ScotG responds:

What was weird about the controls? It worked fine on my computer.


I have to admit that for something that used PowerPoint this was actually pretty good. It is a bit difficult because I know little about the material you are using. It is fun just to see a completely different layout like this one with the cartoon that goes and stops and is a soundboard in the middle. I believe these are all Japanese voices as I could not understand them. There is a very colorful layout here, and I really like how each sound has a neat picture with it. I suggest next time you probably should use a different program.

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ScotG responds:

Well it is from Japan like all the NeoGeo games. The voices sounded pretty clear to me. Some were spoken in English, and others were in EngRish like "We have a win!" and "magnificat" (guess they forgot Cs are soft before Es).


I like it man, catchy.


but just do it in flash next time, the presentation is nicer, and aalows for more interactive use

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Aug 22, 2010
2:22 PM EDT
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