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FRAME- Return my liver!

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Nobody in forces to change us, except for us

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really great :) but one prob...

the lesson...well not so much of a lesson is same as I Want It All! Syndrome by nightwayfarer and the storyline but it has some differences but still great!!!but the translation sucks... so 8/10 -1 from the subtitles and -1 for having no originality but it's still nice :)

not bad

Its good but i can kind of see how it might have been heavily influenced by nightwayfarer, its a very similar style. but all and all i found it humorous and the art work very nicely done. The only real problems i had where the very bad subtitles and how they floated with the movement of the screen. It was somewhat hard to follow what was being said. But aside from that keep up the good art work and wouldnt be a bad idea to find someone that can translate.


This is the BEST parody of drunkards if EVER seen. Great job bro and keep up the good work.



good work

%u0417%u0430%u0434%u0440%u043E%u0442 ;-)

Dude I really think this is a fun video...really russian culture :))))) only thing is your translation is a little bit off...other then that keep posting more vids please!