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Firing Strength

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Author Comments

It is a little game by me. It is not finish yet.
Thanks for all the comments! I will continue working on the game and focus on your ideas.

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its pretty good. needs more to it though

Positives and Negatives. (+ Other)

Its a good reflex reaction game, training your clicker finger to its full extent.
Only one problem, its boring. It gets so boring after the 5 minute mark.
During that time its quite novel and time capturing, but im sorry its just not captivating enough.

And before anyone says im judging it too early, I do understand its a demo, a trial.
And I do understand it will get better. I just want to state my views.

Nice concept

I really like the idea, especially the first person perspective! My complaints are that it is a little too dark (it can be hard to see), and there really isn't all that much to it. I'd love to see you implement an upgrade system (like different guns or accessories maybe?), or maybe do something to the targets besides making them smaller. Perhaps different types of targets, like ones that move erratically, or ones that explode and destroy the targets around them.

Like I said, I really like your idea, and I think with some work this could be a really great shooter!

Ok, but needs more work.

This game is easy... ain the start, but when you are going to a bigger level the difficult is bigger to (as normal), but is a very simple game, with work, but needs more.

Art: 7/10 fine drawed
programation: 7/10 I like the effects and no bugs
music: 6/10 well choosed, makes it better.

rated with 4 and commented with 7.

Get better, You are doing it very well. ;)

WTF ??!?

Er, if you do a game like this, you should add more things in it ! I just saw a game with a pistol and targets. Nothing else

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2010
11:39 AM EDT