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The NG BBS Game

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EDIT: I've added a mute button.
EDIT: I've made the "No mods online", "trolls 2", and "Mod Joins in" upgrades cheaper. :D
It's not really much of a full featured game, but it only took 4 hours to make. PM me or review here for suggestions and such.

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This game is an amazing true to life simulator of Ye Olde Days of the Internet of Ages Past. Forsoothe!

This is an enjoyable throwback to classic Sim games and a throwback to young Newgrounds forum activity. It isn't too difficult to figure out but isn't too easy to win, either.

Nice work, iamgrimreaper, you made a timeless, enjoyable piece of content.

This game is Awesome :U

It got old but it was funny

My topic was "Pimp hits 61"


This doesn't look good at start but when you start playing it's quite good :)