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Wheel Burrow

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I love this game... First off it's my most successful game yet. Secondly it reminds me of one of my favourite games, avalanche game. Thirdly, it looks better than any other game I've made. The development went over a few motnhs, the graphics are made by hybrid wing, and the music (which has been the subject of rave reviews) is by mashed by machines.

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The tire moves too slowly in my opinion. Other than that not bad.


really cool game, inovative and wel executed, could have some extra feautures like upgrades and stuff but i really liked it

Passable but could be better

I think the game could be improved by tuning up the movement a bit, the tire had no problem rolling up a 120 degree curve and could easily roll its way back from the precipice of a cliff and I think that made the game too easy. Another suggestion would be to add different bombs of course: perhaps some sort of cluster bomb or a fire bomb, I don't know. And I also think that maybe there could be a health bar and that the tire could fall apart as the player lost health and adding an extra twist. Another thing that seemed weird was the scoring system: it always started off with points on the counter, shouldn't the score start off at zero?. But I gave you a 7 because you did some things right. You created an entertaining game with a funny concept and it runs pretty well and it's pretty small in file size which means you must have done some optimizing.

great game

this is kind of design i like in a game simple yet fun. I also enjoyed the music 10/10 great game

A perfectly average game

averagely fun, averagely addicting and averagely difficult. It's a nice arcade-game all in all, but it feels a bit slow and dense somehow, perhaps you should try adding some faster progress? It took me a couple of solid minutes before all of the surface was scratched off, and after all - the point of the game is do go as deep as possible. Right now it just feels survival-ish since there's no real depth to go to ^^;