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August 20, 2010 –
October 4, 2010
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Author Comments

Over the last two weeks I've spent 70 plus hours on this. Although it's quite short with just three stages. Constructive criticism welcomed. A sequel is possible. Depending on how it's received.

Still learning to code so half of the time was figuring out how to use variables I'd never heard of. Some flash forum regulars helped me out with a few issues I had. Thanks so much!

Art inspiration from an old drawing of mine I found. Instructions are in game. Remember it's kind of a puzzle game so use the mouse to see what's clickable. Standard movement.

After restarting from the second stage a browser refresh is needed. Otherwise it will not work. So get it on the first time! Walkthrough on YouTube and linked in the game (although not needed).

From PabMo.


Well, I couldn't get past the second stage, which kind of limits the effect of the gameplay that one might expect from something like this. Sure, I found out how to dodge the skulls and then kept getting caught by the cactus, but I think the worst part of that was that I had to interact with the game using mouse and keyboard simultaneously, that really got on my nerves, but I managed to work that out, after pouring over the instructions for far too long. What the hell is the Konami Code? It sounds like something that you find next to the barcode on a game produced by Konami.

As far as the graphics go, they are decent, but a big issue I spotted was that the writing was written backwards if you used the left key just before you died. Fix that by throwing some sort of subtitle bar across the bottom of the screen, which would give it a better layout, so that glitch is dealt with.

Point and click would seem the way for this to go forward, but you need to make it easier to get the solutions to your challenges, particularly if the only way a character can go is back to square one. More areas to explore, hints, tips and items which may or may not be useful, along with an inventory window would definitely help matters here.

I think that on a personal note, I would have used a different tune, as while it's nice to plug your own work, does this really set the right mood for the game? When I clicked mute, it muted the game until I died and then it restarted it, which was more than a little annoying.

Still, you've got a lot to work towards here and it should leave you in good stead, when you come up with your next piece.

[Review Request Club]

A pretty nice 8-bit like game. I really like the colours you chose here. They are pretty unique in the 8-bit world and it makes everything look so "fresh" and new even though the graphics are very pixelated.

I also like the song you added here. It has a very good rhythm and the melody is very catchy.

I really would like to see a longer version of this game. But you should be able to walk back to screens you have already visited. I was on screen three and needed the coin, which I can only get in screen 2. So I had to restart the game, instead of just moving back.

{ Review Request Club }

-I'll start off with the the title screen and instructions first. I know you don't know a lot of scripting yet since you needed help with what you have and it works since this is a simple game. If you make anything larger you can include the instructions on the title page with a back to title page link. It would also be useful to include a credits with a back link too.

-The whole color scheme is pretty unique. You don't see those types of purple shades used to often and it fits nicely with the green dinosaur and dark background. The dinosaur is something unto itself though. Comical as he was I liked his enthusiasm on this epic trek.

-As far as gameplay it was a lot of trial and error for me at first since I fell into the traps. But once I got the hang of it I had a lot of fun with this. Just a suggestion to switch the arrow keys to wasd if you keep the point and click stuff since it makes it easier to use for right handed people..

-Overall it's very short which you know. Three screens took me about five minutes to play and then it's done. I'd love to see something similar to this in the future with more gameplay. Not necessarily a large platformer but a small little adventure.

-Review Request Club

Much like this game the word quixotic is like a double edged sword, on one hand meaning interesting, on the other foolish.

I love the aesthetic quality to your game, unfortunately I feel it is hampered by the requirement of arcane and esoteric knowledge, I.E. the contra puzzle on the second level.

The soundtrack is exotic and at the same time offers a sense of nostalgia.
A platformer, mixed with puzzles is a quixotic premise indeed, unfortunately whether this is to your benefit or detriment is debatable.

While I admire the effort to present something different, I offer you these laconic words of wisdom, "ideology is for those who want to think, pragmatism is for those who want to eat".

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

As I said above, the game is decent. The puzzles are ok, they are just a little out of place and require you to click everything to survive the first stage. But this is alright since there aren't many things to click in the first place. I suggest adding more to each stage and maybe making them bigger? The puzzles are also pretty easy, maybe add some obstacles that require you to jump a bit. The art work, however, was pretty good (the dinosaur was kind of weird though). I greatly encourage you to make a sequel with more of everything!


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3.23 / 5.00