The Gist of the North * 1

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I decided to spoof this manga series from 1984 called the Fist of the North Star. There were a few key events I had to get out of the way in this episode - character introductions etc. but the next part will have more action balance.
I've started using the stroke tool and working at 24 fps so hopefully it will seem smoother than usual. I promise some more interesting eps as this develops. Azlar's artwork on Rei is incredible and we have a lot planned.
I hope you like it and thanks for watching
Cheers dude

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Nice take on one of my faivorite animes.

Fist of the North Star by many is a spectacular violent anime series that spands 22 minutes long and was made by Toei in 1984. Virtually this series is based off of the infamous manga of the same name. I've enjoyed Gist of the NorthStar especially that it parodied a few faivorite episodes. Your style was slightly the same although in a flash made manner and the jokes were pretty funny as well. Zeeta: Wheres my sandwich! I really did liked it and it was the first time I ever heard voice clips of the japanese dialogue (I'm more used to the english dub) of the series as well. I'm awarding you a perfect 10/10 and a 5/5. I hope you've enjoyed this review.

P.S. I agree with Christop, If anybody doesn't get the gest of this flash animation don't blow it out of the sky just because. Watch Fist of the North Star the complete first volume is already out. Go to a store, Buy it and then have fun. Maybe then you can understand a bit of the world of Fist of the North Star.

Gisting around...

This is a cool take on my favorite anime, I thought at first it would be just a crappy animation remake of the first scene or something, but when Zeedo asked for a sandwich I knew different, I love the "Obssession.... for men" bit, very funny, I could care about what anyone else says, I think you should continue doing this!

p.s. any who doesn't know whats goin' on, watch "Fist Of The North Star" before you bitch.

really bad parody of fist of the north star

no funny jokes whatsoever.


the animation was ok but for this it was the plot that i have no idea about. half the time i have no idea what is going on and even though characters were shown they were never explained. like why was the guy walking into the town in the desert? who were the guys who cought him in a lasso? why was the girl important to him? how did he train to get strong? whats the deal with the blonde guy? why does he hate the main character so much? how does he have nicer clothes then everyone else? there were many unanswered questions about this and they wernt explained at all.

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2010
11:41 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody