Retarded Animal Babies 22

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UPDATE 9/20/2010: FINALLY WE HAVE A WINNER for the funny little contest hiding in this episode. I guess it was a good one; it took 180,000 views before Ed "Hoodie" Prins-Stairs finally stepped forward to claim some free DVDs and a custom drawing from me. The answer? There were eight letters hiding throughout the episode which spelled "NUPTIALS" when unscrambled. Ed emailed me with that secret word and landed himself a bucket of awesome win-havings. Congrats Ed!

So the other day I went back and watched RAB 21, and noticed that somewhere (sorta semi-hidden) in there I half-jokingly mentioned "see you in August, 2010" since it had been 14 months since RAB 20 came out. Well, DANG. I wasn't serious. I honestly did mean to ramp up episode output (and still do), but I guess the cluttery nature of freelance artistry got the best of things. Here really is hoping that it won't be another 14 months until RAB 23, but hell, it may well be 14 YEARS knowing what an unpredictable piece of offal I am. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here's a big, flopping 9+ minute episode full of breasts and blood and dicks and childishness. Special thanks to Tom Fulp and Newgrounds for hosting & sponsoring the crowning achievement of my artistic career: a wriggling pile of blob-shaped, cursing critters. Thanks also to a really kickass, famous band who makes a guest appearance in this episode, as well as Stephen Wayne of Hartford's 106.9 WCCC for appearing in a (pivotal) supporting role! There's also a cool techno track by Gazdatronik, and last but not least, my unyieldingly supportive wife reprises her role as Puppy's cousin!

Oh and by the way, this episode would have gotten uploaded much earlier, but some tool uploaded something under the same title and I had to wait until Tom deleted it. I don't suppose asking nicely here will prevent it ever from happening again, but from now on, please don't be dickish and upload anything with "Retarded Animal Babies" in the title? It's only gonna get deleted anyway, and the word is there'll be a series title filter down the road too. Plus I'll have my supporters come to your house and nose-rape you for preventing timely uploads of their favorite animated boobtastic entertainment. You can never really tell with the sort of person that loves tits 'n cock toons.


Wasn't the best- but still fun

As a long time RAB fan I am always pleased to see a new episonde, no matter how long it takes. And I understand life gets in the way so I don't buy into this "About time" view.

I enjoyed this,it wasn't one of the best but was still funny none the less.
Before I get trolled by pre-pubecant morons marking this as useless I'll explain.

I feel this wasn't one of the best mainly because it focused too much on one central strory. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing I feel RAB is best when it has different stories interwined and that is often where the really random disgusting jokes comre from.
Take #21 for example; that had the stories of Cat and Metasonix, Puppy and his cousin, Bunny's apathy and not dieing, Hamster and his Gumpa and best of all Donkey's antics causing mayhem and interwined in one big story. Lines like "I just saw lightning come out of a Donkey" "Gimmie some godamn fucking money you fucking queer!" and "Oh my God, flaming semen is destroying my carny lifestyle!" I don't think could have come if there had been simply one cetral theme. With this in mind i felt this episode could have had more to it if this hadn't been all centred around the one story and had featured the other Animal Babies more.

That said I still enjoyed this, especially the beer song and look forward to the next episode :)

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I don't quite think the 12-month wait was TOTALLY worth it... I mean, compared to the other shit on this site, RAB is pure animated gold, but this particular episode doesn't seem to measure up to the 10th-15th episodes...

This one seems to take itself just a little too seriously around the very end and there's not enough of that clever insults, name-calling, hilarious put-downs and out-of-context lines and it is a little short for being built up for a year, although I loved the joke after the end credits and there are some surprisingly solid characters--if everything revolved around Puppy(seriously, he seems to take the spotlight a bit much, doesn't he? Give Cat, Hamster and Donkey a chance; I'm sure they can be just as funny)--and the animation is great as always.

Then again, this IS a comedy and you should probably focus equally on substantial humor as well as characters.

Not much else to say but I hope you can start picking up the pace a bit and hopefully shovel out the flicks a bit quicker, because I do love this series.


no, yes , maybe



I think there were few funny things.. but not so surprising... except that last thing.

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Aug 20, 2010
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