Adventure In Pond

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A tadpole was lost in the pond. Please complete this thrilling adventure and help him get back home. Watch out the obstacles and pick up useful tools to help him get through. Have fun!



back in the early to mid 80's there was this game called Swimmer. This game reminds me of that. I hated that game but I couldnt stop plunking quarters into it. This turned out great for a simple game.


Condoms inhe river? no its socks>_>
game is too ...
tooo ugh...
BAD is the only word!

Not bad, could use some more difficulty though.

The game was pretty basic. Just run the tadpole through an obstacle course, pickup health if you need to/want to, and just make it in time. What I found strange though was that the game actually allowed you to slow down and stop, yet it didn't have a timer. Usually an obstacle game would have that to keep the player from making the level more easier than it has to be by making him move faster rather then go slow and plan ahead. I'd suggest if you were ever going to make a sequel, you would either have that, or make it so you would either slow down (but not to a stop) or keep moving faster, without any form of stopping. You could have the obstacles slow you down like they do in this one, but keep the stopping to a low (remember this is an alternative to the timer).

Im playing as a black sperm..

...avoiding socks and red squares in some water.

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oddly hooking...

nice game...


why are there so many condoms in the river?

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2.95 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2010
3:10 AM EDT
Adventure - Other