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Our latest game, created over the last couple months of summer. We wanted to try a new style of game that differed from our previous creations, so we went the puzzle route. Hope you all like it.

Programming by Amzi Jeffs
Music by Matt Freeman

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A Cool Concept

But it could have been faster paced.


I agree with the first comment...too easy..and gets boring to wait for the damn lazers

Its okay.

Its entertaining but gets boring, especially with no rewards or plot and yeah, waiting for lasers. More development!

Nice concept!

It's a fairly original concept. You obviously put some effort into making a stable game with no glitches AND good puzzles. I like the funky syntho background music too, it fits :)

My only gripe is that there's something with your laser tracing code, it's slow. Flash starts to lag really badly when enemy laser beams run a long distance (especially multiple beams), which suggests you're using a naive algorithm involing HitTest and stepping along x,y a fixed distance to draw the line. You might consider making the step size larger, most walls and moving doors are 16-24 pixels wide so a larger step size (up to a point) wouldn't really miss anything. There are other optimizations you could apply too, considering the levels are static, the lasers are straight lines, the enemy's lasers stand still or rotate slowly.

Not bad...

But not great either. I can tell you thought this out and actually put some effort into this, although its not the most original game idea.

My biggest issue is probably just that it needs a bit more colour and stuff to jazz it up, and maybe make it a little harder.

Other than that, it's pretty fun to play through.

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3.43 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2010
8:13 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other