This is the Only Level II

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This is sort of late to submit, sorry!

Do you like jumping? Do like spikes? There are both in this game, and a handful of different ways to try to beat the only level in the game. Confront each new stage challenge with a sort of heart and dignity that we can only befall on our most noble of creatures. Also you can unlock a velociraptor, how cool how is that?

Developed by Armor Games
Programmed by jmtb02, Level Design by Tasselfoot
Music by Kevin Macleod [incompetech]



The graphics are simple but work well. While you don't have much leeway in the graphics since they all have to be the same, I noticed you did what you could with everything else, like the menu. Kudos on touching up what you could.

Sound was very nice. The music got kind of repetitive, and I would have liked if there were Audio Portal integration or something. That aside, the sound effects are simple, satisfying, and despite a few of them being really high-pitched, not very annoying.

Gameplay was obviously the biggest factor. While the gameplay could have been a cheap knockoff of the first one, the level design is pretty damn good. Some levels (especially Schizophrenia) were brutally hard, while some were a challenge to figure out (like World 1-2). Some were clever, some were not-so-clever. The only real problem here is that a lot of the levels were too easy, and the game doesn't have much replay value. Maybe timing players for individual levels would allow players to hone their skills at their favorite levels... This would be particularly effective if you had the levels from both parts of this series molded into one file (which would take up less than 3.1 MB, surprisingly). Basically you need to make the game more competitive, and maybe add bonuses for fewer deaths and such. Secret or unlockable levels would be very welcome as well.

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Would have been 10...

...but level 29 was worse than scurvy.

Yes, good but...

The first is better. Some good ideas, but some idea are a bit...hard : the 11th level : 1-2 is impossible without looking at the walkthrough. The 9th one has nothing special, except you play with a donkey.

And something : sometimes, my elephant continue to move without my "decision". Quite annoying. But still grat job !

It's a little bit too hard for me...

But it is a good game.

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4.43 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2010
3:32 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop