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i've finally gotten round to finishing it! It's taken forever, but hopefully it was worth it.

Play through three sections, each with their own unique set of levels.




New in this update:

Updated graphics
New logo
Fixed imperfections


Hopefully this will be the last time ill have to resubmit!

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It's a nice try. The jump button does glitch sometimes, but its a start and a nice effort, i'll give you that. I apologize for the jerks below, i doubt they've ever tried to make a game and have no idea what it can be like. The game is a nice one, i'm finding it reasonably fun. I'll be honest it doesn't really stand out - as one may say, but it is nice, and a good thing to play with for a little.

Keep it up, you've got potential.

Scorpiastudios responds:

Thanks =]

I'm working on a new platformer, with a setting, and storyline. Hopefully it will be better received than this one.
No need to apologise for them =p thanks though. It doesn't really bother me that much.


boring. and the jump button keeps glitching. sometimes it works, majority of the time it doesnt. sorry, but it was just horrible.

Scorpiastudios responds:

Yeah - thanks for that brief review. I'll try and fix the 'glitch,' but i don't totally understand what you mean, seeing as i can't find what you're talking about.

one question

why do you keep resubmitting this. You've already submitted this about 3 times, and the updates don't seem to big. But you do know that while you're logged in, if you hit 'My Account' and then 'Edit Your Flash Submissions', then click edit underneath the title of this game, you can submit a new .swf under the same name? Because seeing the name of this submission in the obituaries 3 times doesn't make people thinkl this is a good game. It'll make them think it was blammed 3 times, and now you're just resubmitting it, again. Just as a tip for next time. But for this game, I really enjoyed this game. The animation of the guy wasn't too hot, but the game was still very fun. 8/10 4/5.

Scorpiastudios responds:

Yeah, thanks anyway. I do know about that... It's just, whenever i try that - it doesnt work; so i always have to keep resubmitting it.

so, soz to everyone that this is causing SO many problems.

needs improvements

This is a normal platformer game, but in time it gets a bit boring. You should add some more levels, or maybe enemies, bonuses...
Another annoying thing is the character animation. its running looks kinda lame, and his jump is REALLY lame.
needs improvements.

Needs work

Ok, lets do this bit by bit.

The games look was simple but pleasing enough; gradients are used but sparingly and are not preset. This gives the game a nice minimalistic look. The character also has a nice glow and level-end messages look professional. However, this must be taken with a grain of salt. The character's jump animation is poor, some of the backgrounds lie on the bad side of the amateurish/minimal divide and some of the fonts are still in either _serif or some other kind of default that contrasts with the game's look.


This is where you need some serious practice. The entire game feels like a compilation of little bits of code taken directly from multiple tutorials; whether or not this is actually what happened is none of my concern. The collision detection is primitive to say the least (the character is in a constant state of minuscule bouncing when static, you should not be able to go through the side of a platform and you really ought to be able to pass through the bottom of a platform). You also need to work on your gravity; tweak the drop off point of the arial arc so that it actually looks like a curve of gravity easing and not a cliff.

Well, for one, the sound glitched out on me so there wasn't any, but even listening to the songs you used I know they don't fit with the game; credits song excluded. If you're ever planning on making another update to this -- search a bit harder for music that works.

Overall, 5/10, 3/5


Scorpiastudios responds:

Gosh! Thanks for that great review - thats really helped point some things out!

I'll try and fix everything that you have pointed out, as long as i can find a way to fix it.

Scorpia studios.