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Greetings Newgrounders, I promised Luis at the London meet I had a back catalogue of games to submit, so there's going to be plenty of submissions from me coming up! Here is the first, a game which I think is a nice fun game that people should play on their computers using the Flash plugin.

The government have set up a Zombie defence tower in the middle of nowhere for seemingly no reason. Can you guys guess what happens next?
Try this unique Flash experience with different content strung across different TV stations, and of course, plenty of fun blowing up you know what!


3 shots really???

i like this game alot but i wish there was a lifebar and u can heal it because i had the max tower upgrade and 3 zombies killed it im expecting a sequel

Fun and challenging!

I really like how you can upgrade stuff! It was a hell of a lot of fun taking down the zombies!! It seems like the game is endless though. Other than that, it's awesome!! I'm still giving you a ten because this was a freaking awesome game!!!

Takes a long while to ramp up.

I've been working at one game off and on for the majority of the afternoon (I just switched to the break channel when I went to go do something else). I had bought all the castle upgrades and cannon upgrades by the early 100 thousands, but the game didn't really get challenging until the late 2 millions. This wouldn't be a problem, if it didn't take several hours to get that far.

My other gripe was that when I finally did die, the game got stuck in a loop that would just display the castle's explosion animation over and over. I believe the news ticker was still going as well, and I could still change the channel and adjust the volume, but I couldn't get the ending to come up. Of course, this means I couldn't submit my score, which is irritating because I would've been 2nd overall...

http://i34.photo bucket.com/albums/d1 45/djl1080/highscore.jpg

Despite this, any game that can get me to play all day is pretty solid in my book.

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good game

it's designed well, no glitches, and it's pretty addictive! and whoever keeps saying every review is "useless" can go **** off

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this is one of my fav zombie game and can not what for zom-tv 2 if ther is one comig up

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4.29 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2010
9:24 PM EDT
Strategy - Artillery