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Ghost- Origins

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Author Comments

This was a never meant to be series. (People can use the remaining bones of the story). This was supposed to be a intro to my series titled GHOST where Kenji Masaharu is undercover cop who gets found out. But instead of dying after being shot in the head he falls into a vat of chemicals. (ROBOCOP steal sorta) He then awakens in a hospital where he is marked for death. But what no one knows is that Kenji canregenerate body tissue like Wolverine except when he is emotionally stressed which will cause any old wound to reopen. I found the whole project a drain years ago and I could never get past the planning satages. So here is the remnants of this my dead project Ghost Origins.

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Too bad you won't finish it.

I really rather liked it. Just one critique on a technical aspect - it looks like you might have used tweening for the head-turns - i.e., it looks like you drew the head facing left, the head facing forward and the head facing right, and used tweening to transition from these three positions. While it's still a great little flash, those particular scenes were a bit awkward as the head shapes morphed and distorted between phases. If that's something you would want to fix, you really wouldn't need to draw every single frame, just two more frames for a quarter-turn left and quarter-turn right. Tweening between 5 frames instead of 3 would go much more smoothly.

Just a suggestion. As you say this is old, you may well have already improved beyond that, which if so, then never mind the advice and good job! :-)

Ran2Chaos responds:

Yes You are correct. I just made the whole face turn but when I did the original animation I had the courtesy of adjusting the scar to at least fake that I put more effort into it. Nice catch. I understand it looks blocky like that and I have learned to adjust it for any future animations for a more smoother look. Thanks for the score. It helps give me confidence to try animating again.

Shame on you, sir

Shame on you for developing a story that if somebody else had written, would probably be gay. But some stories aren't meant to truly end, so.



I was really getting into the story. It has something that other flash videos don't-emotion. This is a very good video but to bad you stopped working on it.

it was good.

Hey i can understand it being a drain but maybe you should just write the story make it a book or a novel hell even a short story, even put the basic plot of it on some site where someone else might finish it, Either way i enjoyed.

Ran2Chaos responds:

It was supposed to be a sort of preview for my comic but as I stated before the whole premise was sort of borrowing too much from mostly 80's revenge films. I am trying to start a new comic series and will be releasing another preview of it in the future.

A shame...

...that you don't wish to continue this. I this would have had great potential. I think that you should, maybe, give it another shot...

Ran2Chaos responds:

I am keeping some aspects of the character in another series I'm making so he isn't entirely dead, but this iteration of the character is. Thanks for the high vote though.

Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2010
3:35 PM EDT

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