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Quick Tournament

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Author Comments

Version history: 1.0.1- Initial submission
1.0.2- Noticed errors right after submission
1.0.3- Fixed errors that others noticed after Judgment
1.0.4- Embedded fonts in the program- you should now see what I see.

Since the dawn of time, Man has held tournaments to ration honor and dignity among the masses. These tournaments had to be meticulously planned to ensure they were carried out correctly. Hours could have been by Man spent perfecting brackets, matchups, and other nuances for a single tournament... that is, until now.

With Quick Tournament, a program I created for a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament that never actually happened (...meh), organize tournaments with ease. All you have to do specify the names of entrants and the program generates a bracket, complete with randomized matchups, ready to print, or edit via the program itself. Viewing Mode provides a perfect setup to display your tournament for all to see, and a password-protected Admin Mode provides a safe way to edit or print your bracket (The program is also available for download- see my News Post on the topic at http://bcdefg123.newgroun ds.com/news/post/508744).

You're welcome, Man.

If you like it, recommend it for the Gadgets category!

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nice :D

pretty useful when I'm doing videogame tournaments with my friends :b

it's battle time!

Winner to this tournament is...FALCON PAWNCH!!!!(captain falcon) (GOOD JOB!)

tournament time!

you can make your own tournment

very convenient

sure beats drawing up brackets manually. recommended for gadgets!

bcdefg123 responds:


Good Start

This works well for smaller numbers but when you get up to larger numbers like 26 people there is a problem. some of the slots become undefined and when you hit reshuffle it will even start moving people over to the right as though they proceeded forward in the tournament.

A good start but still needs some work.

bcdefg123 responds:

I think I found the source of those errors, and fixed them. The program's now v1.0.3. Thanks for pointing those out.