Happy B-day Nina! (short)

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Runtime (w/o credits): 0:42
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Happy Birthday Nina!
I've been working hard on a different, bigger project, but my her birthday was coming up, so I took a break to animate something for her as a little present. I had a little over a week to work on it, so I rushed through it quickly. It's short due to this. I promise to get out something longer within
the next few months.
Also, I've never drawn anything chibi before, or even attempted to animate anything in a manga/anime style, so this was a first for me. I don't think I failed too horribly?
There's an easter egg, by the way =).


Very cool,

Nice animation,
my favourite part- Teapots! Yey!

Aqlex responds:

Thanks =). I like that part too xD

cool :D

that is a great way of saying that to your special someone, this is very nice :)

Aqlex responds:

Thanks xD. And thanks for watching some of my stuff, dude =P.

Short and sweet

I like your sense of humour there. I'm sure your GF will appreciate it.

Aqlex responds:

Thank you. Hopefully she will xD.


this is adorable <3
good work too.

Aqlex responds:

Hehe thanks =).


I guess I really can't review this for being short since it was meant for nina not us, but Your animation is good. the character is cute and funny, although the voice could have used some work.

Aqlex responds:

Yeah, I promise I'll release something longer soon! I agree that the voice could have used some work, especially the angry part, but I had a sore throat the entire time I was working on that project, so I could probably have normally done a LITTLE better xD. Thanks for the review, by the way!

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Aug 18, 2010
1:56 PM EDT