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Nicole - Egypt

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Author Comments

Nicole is in Egypt to find the Pharaoh's tomb..

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This game really does need work. The power-up stuff is just annoying and way too simple. You gave us the flashlight but I got zapped for trying to use it on the wrong level (I assumed you gave it to us for that level like you did in the last game). One of the levels asked to find "bug" and there was both a ladybug (which I clicked many times and got zapped for) and a roach of sorts. If you're gonna ask for a bug, don't put more than one or at least make it more specific. I had the same issue with "statue" in the room full of Egyptian statues and pharaoh heads. The hint bar seems to fill up before it's actually ready to use, resulting in annoying zaps if I try to click it when it just finished filling up.

ok but need to remove stupid stuff

The minigames were horrible. Based off color or number of items in the picture...not sure how dummy below could miss that. Otherwise half the items seem to have no purpose in continuing the plot. I didn't see any of the generic targets really. In the last level the eye's of horus seem to be highlighted for easy finding. It was enjoyable as a search and click, but the story could be completely deleted. Especially the intro...oh no the wing is on fire...oh hey we're in egypt....dumb

Pretty good, but it had some flaws.

I played all the way through and found the game to be rather enjoyable. However, there were a few major flaws.

1. The game would often ask you to find generic targets. It is very hard to understand what the game wants when it asks for a "bug." I was asked several times to find a "bird" when there were several birds in the picture. I was once asked to find a "head" in a room full of busts, statues and paintings. The worst offense was when I was asked to find a "pagan." What does a pagan look like?

2. The mini-games seemingly had no logic. Despite my best efforts, I could never discover the logic of the mini-games. I could never tell if it wanted the picture that was most alike or most different. I found this uncertainty very frustrating.

3. This game has poor click-detection. I found many times that the game simply did not acknowledge that I had clicked an item, the hint button or the tools. I lost time on several occasions because I had to find one more item but the game would not recognize that I had clicked it. The worst offense was when I had to find a "spear," but the game would only recognize a click on the shaft of the spear despite the fact that the spear-head was the most visible part.

Despite these nagging and frustrating flaws, I still found this game enjoyable. I hope that you make a sequal after you fix these flaws.