TheWorlds: Trunks' Terror

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This animation is from The Worlds. It is part of the Play Station World Amusement Park Eventure.

Background Information:
The Kids were teleported from Shonen Jump World to Play Station World at the beginning of this eventure. Gaku allowed The Kids to enjoy themselves at the PS Amusement Park. After the fireworks, they were all called together to hear the new that Mortimer of the Yellow Tribe has targeted Play Station World. Mortimer is by far the strongest enemy yet to appear in The Worlds, besides Z. So for a month, The Kids train for this battle.

Once the Yellow Tribe arrives in Play Station World, The Kids are split up to fight the members in various places that they are attacking. Eventually, Mortimer arrives outside of Harukame's daughter, Arashi's house, where some of The Kids had been fighting.

Mortimer is beating The Kids very easily, just by merely slicing them with his claw. This video takes place right after Kali attempts to attack him. She freezes time, in hopes of having the upper hand, but unfortunately, things do not go her way...

Logs of this part:
[02:49] * Mortimer smirks and grabs the knife, breaking through the time constraint.
[02:49] <Kali> ...What!?
[02:50] * Blood trickles down his hand as he flips the blade and stabs it into Kali's side.
[02:50] * Kali leans forward, holding onto her wound.
[02:50] * He leans forward and whispers into her ear.
[02:51] <Mortimer> I cannot be killed.
[02:51] * Just as he is about to slash her once again, Super Saiyan Trunks appears, blocking the attack with his crossed arms.
[02:51] <Kali> ...Trunks?
[02:52] <Trunks> Are you okay?
[02:52] <Trunks> Sorry I was late.
[02:52] <Kali> I'm alright.
[02:52] * Mortimer begins to chuckle to himself.
[02:52] <Mortimer> A hero has arrived.
[02:52] * Trunks glares at him.
[02:53] * Suddenly, Trunks grasps onto his head.
[02:53] <Trunks> Ahh! Wh-what's going on!?
[02:53] <Trunks> He's.....inside me!!!!
[02:54] * Apple Cider's eyes widen as she stares at Trunks
[02:54] * Kali looks from Trunks to Mortimer.
[02:54] * Inside Trunks' mind...
[02:55] * Trunks is tied to a dark green pod. He struggles to break free from the constraints as Mortimer silently walks towards him.
[02:55] * Mortimer looks up at him with a sinister grin on his face, his claw dripping with blood.
[02:55] <Trunks> No.... get back.....
[02:55] * Mortimer stands in front of Trunks and stabs his claw into Trunks' stomach.
[02:56] <Trunks> AHHHHH!
[02:56] * Back outside, Trunks' shirt suddenly turns a dark red color.
[02:56] * He continues to hold his head, unaware of the world around him.
[02:57] * Mortimer stares at him, smirking evily.
[02:57] * Kali glares over at Mortimer.
[02:57] <Kali> What're you doing to him!?
[02:57] * The blood begins to flow from his stomach faster and he now loses consciousness.

Songs in order:
[Title:] Girei (Naruto Shippuuden)
What Can You See In Their Eyes by Sagisu Shirou (Bleach)
When the World Ends by Dave Matthews Band

Do NOT Comment on:
-The voice acting. We're not professional voice actors, but these animations just look better with voice acting.
-How horrible the pictures/animation is. I did this video kind of quick, and I notice that a bunch of parts do not look very good.

Additional Comments:
So this didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would! Probably because it's not very well animated or drawn. x.x;

But I can honestly say that this is the movie that I've made that is definitely the most scary! XD Watching this movie in the middle of the night, alone in a dark room, with headphones and the volume up, and in full screen is quite scary. I tried that, and my own creation kind of scared me. XD

Drawn/Colored with: Photoshop(Tablet).
Animated with: Flash.
Art and Animation (c) Sarena Kimura.
Music (c) Naruto Shippuuden, Sagisu Shirou, and Dave Matthews Band.
Characters (c) Sarena Kimura, Nimbus, and Akira Toriyama
Voice acting (c) Nimbus and Sarena Kimura.
Drawing/Animating Time: 16 hours, 30 minutes.

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WTF is this shit!?

Too short
Terrible Voice Acting
Story doesn't make sense
Artwork sucks

In short, this is bad.

Sarena responds:

OBVIOUSLY you did not read the comments.

I'm not even going to respond to someone who wrote a comment completely against what I said NOT to write about in the comments. :P

we should not

criticize on: voice acting, drawings, animation

are u serious? why did u submit a flash movie here instead of a novel on a blog??

btw, also the plot sux.

Sarena responds:

Well I said not to harshly criticize those points.

I submitted this because I thought it would be a cool Flash movie, but apparently everyone hates it. :P

By the way, I already did make a story. And apparently you have different tastes than me, because I thought the plot was pretty good.

Thanks for the horrible comment.

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Aug 18, 2010
3:38 AM EDT