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[KK] This Is Not Hentai

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Author Comments

You tards saw the title and automatically voted this down, that's how it got turd.

At least now we know your priorities, NG.

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.........This is crappier than Fred.....

I have to disagree

The only good point was how you were honest in the title. You see a lot of lower rated flashes out there that are all about hentai in the title but have nothing to do with it. I just thought this did not send off a good message at all. If someone wants to be popular, they should probably want on things in both categories. I can think of a lot of good animated things here that are also very funny. If you guys wanted to mock the other people that much, you should have worked for better jokes here.


There could be improvements to both the flash and the KK. The flash cuz (duh) and the KK cuz they make deliberately poor flash videos to upload and then make fun of everybody who comments. I would never use "life" in any other situation but this one, and you guys really, really need one. Or a job.

politely said, no quality content nor fun at all

I have probably been too rude in my last review so I'll try to explain myself better.
This animation, except the preloader/intro, is nothing but 2 seconds of some half-naked men badly drawn and animated, plus a chart where you try to explain how the amount of humor contained in an animation is inversely proportional to its quality.
You should admit that your movie is not very funny, to said it nicely, and the overall quality of graphics/animation/audio is very poor.
I don't think this can be taken as an exception to your rule, so, to prove your theory you should have provided at least some sort of funny story or at least an humorous sketch.
Last but not the least, humor is not fundamental to an enjoying movie.
a sad but touching story, a thrilling plot, good sountrack, nice voice acting, characterization, suspense, surprises are some of the qualities a nice movie can have. And yes, a good drawing/animation is a quality too.

Charcoal125 responds:

nice argument but I think I can top it

you're dumb

"Exceptions are rare"

this flash is an exception. not only is it insanely short, the animation was poor, the voice is too quiet to hear, when the volume is turned up, i still can't make out the words, because the music is too loud in comparison, and the plot is missing.

i am unsure if i should even take this flash seriously.

troll flash anybody?

Credits & Info

1.43 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2010
11:29 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week August 25, 2010

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