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This time, Strawberry Clock DOES get to drive. Hooray for old jokes!

Background choice by Albino. Be sure to eat your vegetables.

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I love this and also you.

wth was this

this has 4/5 rating... Really... this is a stupid flash that went from a kids show saying "lets ride a car!" to some random alien stuff with painful audio... Waste of time, i really hope ppl are joking giving this 4/5 score...

KombuchananClock responds:

This is a stupid review that went from a guy saying "wth is this" to some observations and vague expression of distaste.

I can do mostly useless and objective reviews with very little actual criticism, too. In fact, I did almost nothing but that in middle school. It can be good practice for high school writing... oh, you're eighteen?


This was quite the mind capturing flash. Somehow you made from going to happy to trippy to creepy work quite well.


this was sick

WTF is this crap?!

Ok.. Maybe I'm not getting this or how it's gotten even on the top 50's list but.. This is utter crap. If i wanted to sit here and watch poorly done photo shopping combined with what seems like a bad graphic's drug trip I would watch.. Well this!

Just horrible. Horrible.

But you know what? Here's some constructive criticism:
Bad. Bad. Noooo. Stop what you're doing right now.
If you're going to even attempt to do something as ridiculous as this then at least have the common sense to have a breif explanation of what you're trying to accomplish here and some foregrounding.

KombuchananClock responds:

"Maybe I'm not getting this"

Yep. Which is kind of surprising, because you signed up in 06.