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You landed on a hostile planet on your mission to save earth.

Quoted from a jayisgames review:
"e7 is lovingly understated and beautiful, from the rush of wind and light piano track that convey a simultaneous sense of isolation and hope, to the silhouetted foreground scenery overlaying a distant and imaginative landscape. The gameplay is simple, to be sure, but the central mechanic is fun to learn, tricky to master, and wholly satisfying once you've reigned it in. "

- Left and Right arrow to move (or "A" and "D" keys)
- Hold and Release Down arrow to jump (or "S" key)


It's a great game. srsly. when i played this game first time, it was 2 years ago. i can't believe so many things changed in my life

I honestly truly adore this game. The artwork style is nice and simple, yet executed in such a way that seems to convey the emotion of the game, and is supported by the beautiful sounding audio. The gameplay style feels unique and interesting, and seems to go by the "simple to learn, hard to master" feel. Well, to me anyway, but maybe I'm just bad at it.

At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed this game, nice story to it (albeit a simple one, but its not really something I take into consideration, just something I'm aware of)

One of the best flash games I've played in a while, excellent work!

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really. saving the earth?

get on board the S.S. Hockeypuck! Why does it not have any weapons. It's ok, just launch your vessel at enemies to hurt them. Why doesn't it crush the spikes? The feeling of speed, propelling are good, but the player is ridiculous.


Actually this game would already deserve a 10/10 because of the extremely nice soundtrack. There are two reasons, why I only give 9/10:

1. All the levels are very similar and there's rarely new stuff to discover.
2. The end sucked a little. I don't know if this was intended, but I didn't even see any ship leaving or whatever. I just raced to the left and bumped against the wall and waited for the time to run out. Kinda sucky. Nevertheless I really liked the general idea of the end, although I was already expecting it because of the game's rather sad atmosphere.

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Awsome game but i didnt get why they left heim with plenty of time, BUT OH WELL you did make it so it was your choice, either tahn that it was a great game and i hope there be a 2nd

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4.33 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2010
1:13 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other

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