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You landed on a hostile planet on your mission to save earth.

Quoted from a jayisgames review:
"e7 is lovingly understated and beautiful, from the rush of wind and light piano track that convey a simultaneous sense of isolation and hope, to the silhouetted foreground scenery overlaying a distant and imaginative landscape. The gameplay is simple, to be sure, but the central mechanic is fun to learn, tricky to master, and wholly satisfying once you've reigned it in. "

- Left and Right arrow to move (or "A" and "D" keys)
- Hold and Release Down arrow to jump (or "S" key)



that commander is a dick. i mean there were another 18 secpnds left until the bomb blew 4 goodness sake overall though very good game


Graphics- Simplistically Beautiful. Color scheme's altering monochrome was wonderful.

Music - Masterful compositions, executed perfectly.

Waterbed-style terrain - Original and ingenious.

Controls - Flowed ever-so-smooth, with unique jump/attack style that was melted with everything else in perfect harmony.

Interest - Changes were subtle yet frequent, making holding attention until the very end.

Message - Powerful message conveyed excellently.

All in all - Monumental Masterpiece conducted flawlessly. Truly a great game.

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Creatively Refreshing, Original and entertaining!

The color schemes are tastefully chosen, and the all-around atmosphere of the planet is pretty damn amazing as far as flash games are concerned. The simplicity of everything's design is incredibly artistic and stimulating.

I love how our little droid character glides across the blob-like ground, and the sinking-trampoline jump works extraordinarily well. The enemy's in groups are challenging to take on, and I think my favorite moment was trying to destroy the drone in the parallel tunnel with wall-jumps...it was hard! But I liked it a lot, because that made it thrilling.

I just wish there were more enemy's than spikes, the two-armed sweepers, the drill coccoons, and the coincidentally dick-shaped melter...but I suppose any of the enemy's I had in mind would be too difficult to take out with trampoline jumps alone.

I love how one could indent themselves into the planet, then slightly sweep in a direction to launch themselves at an angle. A technique that could be mastered with time, and probably necessary to get back to the ship in the end.

The music compliments the immersion, and gives the overall gaming experience a mood of mystical wonderment...like we're there, experiencing this place with our avatar. It definitely makes it a REALLY cool experience. :D

I loved it, voted 5.

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Yeah man

I loved the reformable ground feature!
Very cool game idea!


I just loved this... The storyline, the graphics, everything... It's just a bit boring sometimes when killing the enemies but other than that it's OK... Btw... Somebody should upload the music (soundtrack) of this masterpiece

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4.33 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2010
1:13 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other

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