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In Perspectives

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In Perspectives

by The Teller-Ulam Design

Composed and Performed by Colin Frank

Directed and Animated by Sean LeBlanc

Recorded by Caleb "The Crab" Moran courtesy of Mr. Steve of CHS

'In Perspectives' is a song of relaxation off The Teller-Ulam Design's latest album, 'The Lexicon'.

To watch on youtube, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnpCy6n3_A0

- Wow, front page! Thanks guys.

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It was pretty good. I kind of liked it.
I guess you see things a little different;y, huh?


This is... weird. To weird for my taste. It looks pretty, but I'm afraid I just don't like it. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. So don't y'all be hatin' just because you like something that I don't.

I hated it, but you get half credit for good animation.

Beautiful !! but..

This was really well done !! The way the red blob bounces around and then slowly transformed into a being was really beautiful and captivating to watch, the animation was extremely smooth !!! One thing i really didn't like was the " Grey mark " that was left behind for a brief moment every time an object stopped moving for a bit. I'm not sure why you did this but personally i found it rather distracting.

I find it interesting that 2 animations made it to front page kind of portraying the same message ( yours and then mine, wind in the wires ) about the planet falling into a bad place. I believe you told your story well and the visuals were really nice. The music was also really beautiful, very melancholy like feel.

Over all, you have done really well, congrats !!


did someone sneak LSD into my pasta..?


to Shyfts, your animation was really good. it was smooth, which is hard to do in aniamtions like this.
oh and Webcraft, the planet wont still be alive after we are gone if we BLOW IT UP WITH NUCLEUR BOMBS!!!. and earth hasent been through worse than us because we are the first species that has dumped extreme amount of toxic pollution and trash into it's atmosphere(the dinosaurs didnt do that). oh and natural stuff like volcanoes dont harm the earth nearly as much as we do (last year a volcano erupted on iceland and stopped all commercial air flight because of all the co2 it released into the atmospere, but it still prevented 3x the carbon emmisions it produced because it stopped all the planes coming from britain from flying traveling. earth's had worse?)

not trying to troll, but get your facts straight before you make a stupid comment so someone like me doesnt come along and blam you.