How to be a Vblogger!

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Made one night in a drunken fury.

Thanks for front page Mister Fulp, sir.


Completely unfunny.

Oh, no, don't possibly consider the viewpoints of ANYONE else. What you believe is 100% true. Also, if you're making fun of people for not being funny, you could try and maybe... oh I don't know... be funny yourself? Just a thought.

psychicpebbles responds:

=3 has a writing staff of 8 people, and it's still painfully unfunny.

Let that sink in. Eight. Writers.


Here in Mexico happens the seame shit!!!, i´m making a convention about anime, vbloggers, and Everything, and then inviye vbloggers for the convention, and guess What!!!!! THOSE FUCKERS ARE SO GAY that they don´t wanna come, so i invite REAL stars, an guess what?? they accept without anny objection, an i say to my self WTF??? but, those loosers loos money an Respect!!! from their Fans

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Enjoyable animation, but..

Not all vloggers are idiots like RWJ and Shaycarl. There is the occasional person who actually has something interesting and worthwhile to say on YouTube. But for some reason, most people on YouTube prefer to watch the terrible and unfunny ones, so the people that actually make videos with some amount of actual entertainment value go unnoticed.

it's true

RWJ is very stupid, ripin off ppl video's an shit! this shows a great example on how to be the worlds biggest fucking loser

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Funny as hell!

But absolutely untrue. People go to you tube for entertainment. And entertainment they get. Lets face it, entertaining is hard. But the vbloggers do it well.

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Aug 16, 2010
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