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Robot Mischief

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A robot runs amuck when it's owners leave the house. An original song.

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reminds me of bender that robot from Futurama lol

Very nicely done! The music really fit, and I have to say I didn't realize it was going to be funny until the inside of the house got more and more destroyed. I think my favorite part was when the Robot discovered he couldn't fill the paper bag. But really, I thought it was a nice short, and I'm glad I watched it.


His run-cycle with his pinchy little arms flailing in the air cracks me up.

whats the song?

Whats the song?


Great movie. The quality wasn't bad and it made me chuckle throughout the length of it, but one thing did confuse me. How the hell does an egg hold its shape in the disc tray? Seriously, if they came precooked like that at the store, I wouldn't have to cook 'em so often.