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You've Won...

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Remember those raffle shows where the winner gets the host coming to their door giving them the money? No? Oh

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Pretty good.

lol druox is in this

man that is.. strange

keep on truckin though, not like i can do better


You seemed to have improved a lot! I see you took my advice on the voice acting (there's still some static, but with practice that can be fixed). Next target: art.
First of all, use a smoother brush. People tend to like that better I guess. Second of all, make the lines clean. Third and most important, learn anatomy of the human body. Even cartoonists have to learn that to become good. Look forward to seeing your later cartoons! :)

quitestupid responds:

thanks for the help!


Found this really funny. Keep at it, you just need to work on the animation/art a bit, but you're WAY better than I was at 14. Also, try to move away from just gradients as backgrounds, but you can get away with it if the rest is good.

Eh... I dunno...

There were some jokes that made me chuckle to myself - give you props for that. But overall, it's not that funny of a bit. Also, the animation was pretty weak. I'm sure with more work and effort though, you could develop something better. Spend more time on animation, and writing your material - I'm sure you'll find a rhythm that works for you.

quitestupid responds:

great advice!