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Special Delivery Ep 2

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The second installment of Special Delivery is here! In this episode, Shawn and Lou deliver a pizza to the Pentagon. Shenanigans and antics ensue. Shenantics.

A very special thanks to Mandi for her acting, her amazing OST, and just in general for being a good sport. I edited the bejebus out of her songs, so if you want to listen to the full tracks, check 'em out over there on the left. And a thank you to Michael Pritchard for taking time out of his busy schedule to come to my house and make silly voices.

There is more after the credits for you patient types.

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Wazz Cookin

i can only give you 10 stars NG Says....
But under the table im gonna slide you 25 more
Great Job ... Keep em Coming...


didn't even get a daily award......this only has 9 reviews ........this is a decent flash, with a great story, and the music, well to be fair the music is what really got me into the flash. heh. shark-ocopters. just wow.....i love your creativity, and im not being sarcastic. im bit p.o.ed how this flash didn't get an award....not one.....wtf.

NickJS responds:

Thanks, dude. I made the mistake of submitting this on Clock day. The Newgrounds community gets pretty competitive around that time.

It would have been nice to get some publicity, but in the end I'm just happy people enjoy it.

I enjoyed your humor.

Enjoyed your humor. It's great to see and artist influenced by one of my favorite TV shows from the 60's.

Clever, fun, loved it! Great camera techniques.

Clever, fun, loved it! Fun fun voice overs. Great camera techniques.

Very Funny

I liked it. It was pretty hilarious. The idea was especially fun.