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This is a flash I made about me making a flash about me making a flash about me making a flash...

This movie is pretty dissapoiting. I wish I could have spent more time and made a better movie intead.

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So, it's begging me to say it...

A flash within a flash within a flash within (etc etc)

Tails-Lock responds:

It's a shame it does not loop better. I couldn't get it to work seamlessly. I am pretty proud of myself though for coming up with a way to stop my movies from being so damn short, even if it still sucks.

Not terrible

I thought this was a fairly mediocre submission, and I have certainly seen a lot lazier stuff submitted for Clock Day. Well, you did miss Clock Day a bit, but you still managed to get a high score with it. I thought the animation in this was fairly good. Recursion is just something that I have always been fascinated by, so this did interest me a little. Next time, yeah, you probably should have more going on and make more of a punchline. It was a pretty good idea, just not executed in the best way.

Tails-Lock responds:

I had an idea for a movie this time, but I didn't have the time. I think I woke up pretty darn late on that day and as the submission date shows, I was 9 minutes late submitting it. I truly had no time to make anything better. I really wish I had made more effort though. I can't seem to get motivation to make a movie unless the deadline is like 3 or so hours away though and then I suddenly start flashing like mad.

This is crap but...

Since we celebrated your birthday on the forum i'll give 3 more stars.
You really should stop by there more, but of course it's your choice to do that or not.
i also would've preferred that you use your real voice.
why did you do this one instead?

Tails-Lock responds:

I know I should visit the forum more. It just has kinda sucky software and I never have enough time to read more than a few posts. Also I had planned to voice this myself, but I got ill with a bad throat on the 14th and 15th making it impossible for me to voice myself. This movie was a dissapointment in every way possible really. That illness ruined everything for me.


Infitine loop make head hurt. Fake voice not help and make it worse and blegh... This is the reason I hate Clockday, 5000 submissions with 98% being crap(sorry to say, this one is crap, but I'm certain you knew that). I can't help but feel I'll somehow get in trouble for making a comment saying I hate Clockday, but I don't really care what a site made mostly of either kids 12 and under and adults who shouldn't be wasting their time with this. Tails, did I just go on a tangent?

Tails-Lock responds:

It is sad that Clockday has become a "post spam on NG" Day isntead. I know the CC were founded on spam, but that was still fairly entertaining or caused drama. Nowadays it's just idiots throwing shit onto the heaping pile of more shit that is now NG thanks to the neverending wave of spammers. I saw a few very decent Clock movies on the day, but most were far crappier than mine. NG really needs to up it's standards. Like changing the required score for movies to pass on Clockday. Or they could manually Wade through the rubbish and delete the 1-frame flash and stolen stuff one at a time. I'd be fine with such a job though, they should hire me.

I think I just went on a tangeant too.

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4.52 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2010
12:09 AM EDT