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BoltClock: Origins Part 2

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[EDIT 8/16]: fixed audio issues and typos and shit like that.

Happy Clock Day 2010!

Part 2 of BoltClock: Origins is here! I've made some big changes to the story, but won't retell the entire story from Part 1. Instead, Part 2 runs quickly through Part 1 with the changes, then continues from the most appropriate point. Sorry for the confusion and all, but this time you can be sure the story will flow properly from part 3 onward!

Yes, the very first Clock movie I ever watched on Newgrounds was How to Speak Clock by Davidus, based on the dialog created by Marley E. Fuck -> http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/123620

No, I am not the BeanClock that exists in the CC registry. But I did use to go by the name BeanClock for a short while!

You may have expected the 'B'ee Game instead of the second installment of my Origins series. Well, I'm sorry but I'm pulling a DNF on you and pushing my game back another year. I've written about that, not that anyone cares -> http://boltclock.newgroun ds.com/news/post/505322

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you need to fix your audio my friend... Im pretty sure I missed a lot of audio... also... the acting is.... err.... bad... The animation needs a lot of work, but im gonna assume its so bad that's what you were aiming for... I didn't finish the video, the drama was err... not dramatic... I thought this was a comedy that just wasn't funny...
Sorry dude... maybe any kind of "clocking" isn't your thing... Id stop now and maybe focus on improving your animation skills and never touching anyting with a clock for a face ever again... please... not to insult or anything its just..... well..... dude were not 5 anymore... or 10... just stop...

Well done

Well-animated, nice music, and the Speakonia voices were great. A great Clock Day submission.

Happy Clock Day!
~ Z

BoltClock responds:

Thanks a lot!

Interesting part for the birth for you man.

This is interesting really. So BoltClock, you started as BeanClock and then decided to draw comics? Interesting, and I like how you met Strawberry Clock also, mainly, because that was pretty funny. I wonder what will happen next. Thanks for the short and may god be with you my friend. 10 stars and a fav for the day. And oh yeah, Happy Clock Day BoltClock! :D

- JojoMon

BoltClock responds:

That is correct, though I think I've lost most of the comics I drew. I didn't actually meet StrawberryClock so I could throw in extra humor to that - my real life story (BeanClock, etc) isn't all that funny :P Thanks for your review and fave, and happy Clock Day to you too!


..and where dose everyone keep getting the clock day preloaders!
please tell me!

BoltClock responds:

They post preloaders on the CC site.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2010
11:55 PM EDT

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