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I wanted to be in Clock Day this year, so here I am. Enjoy the annoying music.

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realy nice but you dont do nothing excapt clicking the arrows :)

Rabid-Animals responds:

I'll be making another for Clock Day 2011. People will submit their own, and maybe there'll even be some minigames!

Thanks for the review.

Shortest encyclopedia I've ever seen. :P

It may not have a great deal of content, but I found this Flash to be entertaining and cute regardless. The little animations are fun to watch, and the descriptions and other info are funny and clever.

The presentation is somewhat lacking, though. The graphics overlap with the info boxes quite a few times, and if you look closely, you can see that the positions of the text boxes are inconsistent (look at the texts on the right while flipping between InertiaClock and GhostClock). I also noticed that the first two Clocks don't have that small red text near the bottoms of their info boxes, which I found a bit odd, since all the others have it.

Another thing that bothered me a bit was the fact that the music doesn't loop. I don't know whether or not you intended for it to play only once, but it ended well before I finished reading everything, which was a bit disappointing.

Plus, there's an additional audio-related issue: An instance of the music always plays whenever KnifeClock's entry is viewed, regardless of whether or not music is already playing. As a result, it's possible to create an irritating cacophony of sound by quickly flipping to and from KnifeClock's page several times. And although there's a mute button, there doesn't appear to be any way to make the music start playing again without either closing and reopening the Flash, or visiting KnifeClock's page.

I don't mean to sound nitpicky; all the things I've mentioned are relatively minor issues. Heck, I bet many people wouldn't even notice or care about most of those things. I'm only acknowledging them because I think your work would look more planned out and professional-looking if they were rectified. At it is, this Flash seems kind of rushed.

However, the concept has so much potential. I'm envisioning a much larger and more comprehensive edition of this encyclopedia, created through a joint effort by many users. For Clock Day 2011, you ought to consider organizing a big collaboration in which people are asked to come up with their own varieties of Clocks, as well as some information and facts about them, in a similar fashion to what you've done here. It would be a great way to celebrate B's tenth anniversary. Just a thought. ;)

Anyway, despite its audio and presentation issues, this is still a cool little submission. It would've been nice to see additional Clocks in your encyclopedia, but I enjoyed reading it nonetheless. :)

Rabid-Animals responds:

Holy crap, man. I feel kind of bad for even putting this up, as you put more effort into the review than I did into the Flash.

Oh well, here we go with a wall-o'-text response.

First of all, every single one of your critiques on the errors is correct. Simply put, I noticed most of them after I uploaded the Flash, and that beautiful temptress named Laziness seduced me with ample bosom and promises of endless iced tea. Needless to say, I was quite taken.

The sound is something I completely overlooked. I meant to loop it, but of course I forgot. As for creating the infinite cacophony of sound is an issue I've had with other Flashes, but I think as I learn AS3, I'll figure out how to get it to work.

The red text was an afterthought, so that's why it's not in the first two pages. The funny thing is that I have an FLA with red text for the two, but I exported a movie out of the wrong one. Oh well.

I actually didn't really mind the graphics overlapping with the info boxes; I thought it gave off an unpolished, childish look. While this may sound like a cop out, I was just experimenting with the style. Too bad it looked like garbage.

As for the collab idea, I think it's brilliant. If I could get some real talent in and some amateur work included, I think it'd be a great representation of what Clock Day means for a lot: a convergence of amateurs desperate to have a place in the Portal and seasoned veterans who are just screwing around for a couple hours. You've got a VIP invitation to the thread.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I actually designed this as a mental challenge for my little brother, who had to draft and write for two clocks. SharkClock and AlienClock are his; the art (regrettably) is mine, however.

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Aug 15, 2010
9:57 PM EDT
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