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Double Rainbow Remix

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Eh, here's another fail, this time for Clock Day! LIKE A MOD TOLD ME TO DO! :D

Some seamen see a double rainbow from off shore. Random events ensue. Swimming and stick-figure dancing.

About fifty seconds long, if my math serves me correctly.

Enjoy~ And yes... I totally didn't spend enough time on this. But hey! There are background animations! And the voice actor got his lines in! :D Just, uh... most of the characters have been subverted into wire frames. Which I call stick figures. So... enjoy! :D

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im second reveiw
good flash alot like the real one but choppy so yeah.............................

At last, a meme that hasn't been beaten to death

... YET. Heh.

Anyway, I liked the animation style and once you started half-assing it, the references to that fact worked quite well. Very nice self-depricating humour there.

The only complaint I have is that the song itself wasn't quite up to par with the Autotune-the-News guys' version of the Double Rainbow song, which would be a great basis for a flash movie, come to think of it.... anywho, Happy Clock Day!

supersysscvi responds:

If it happens, I'll take a repellant stick to it: "BAD MEME, BAD!"

Thanks! I've been working on that style of humour, and it seems it's been working out so far. :)

Yeah. I even used it for a while until I remembered: "Hey. I don't think Newgrounds likes stealing people's music. I'd better get some." Although I probably would have used the actual file: it is beastly! :D
The voice actor was great, though. Has some singing talent there. :)

Happy Clock Day to you, too, and thanks again! :D