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Aug 15, 2010 | 8:45 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Stickman 91, Boss, and myself were trapped ina coffin flaoting across the black sea and we made this flash video to pass the time. When we floated into nigeria, some nice gentlemen let stickman and I use their internet to upload this, while they helped boss get into a big boiling soup pot. We ate him. Happy Clock day! Remember to recommend for the clock day 2010 collection!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Had its moments

I was thinking this was just going to be some spammy movie, but it really was not. I guess it is a bit misleading to put it in the informative genre, but still not bad. The best part of this was the part with the dancing lolbsters, you even used them from "The Amanda Show". I guess you guys might not like that show, but I am one of the few people who did. You all really did come together to celebrate this year's Clock Day! Some of it did get overlong, especially some of the ones where the animation could have been better.

Proottalfain responds:

As I said previously, the dancing lolbsters are entirely Stickman91's creation. Props to him.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I am so glad i could participate in this collab as the awesome, the amazing, thew impecable master of loosely screwed hoes! :) You should credit me via buddy jk. Im just glad to be part of the credits, it was funny despite the unhealthy level of cock jokes and what-not and i think it was a really good idea whoever it was who timed the clubbing of dat seal with the instrumment kick and lolbsters truly are the funniest crustacians in the world!

Proottalfain responds:

The seal clubbing is by me (Proottalfain) and Lolbsters are by Stickman91. He only did that scene, but it's definitely the most quality scene of the whole collab.

Boss and I went for quantity more than quality :P


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Clock Clock Clock Clock Clock Day Day Day Day Day

What is there not to like about this video? Its now favourited for the rest of eternity, or until I am too old to maintain my account. I honestly did not want the surreal bizarreness to end, from seal-bashing to a man randomly standing on top of a hill, a very well done seizure scene. I enjoyed the seizure scene more than I ever would usually because of the entrancing droning sound, it had a kind of binaural addiction to it. The whole movie felt abstract with Ronald McDonald making an appearance and it was very funny when Sinitech turned up, I'm sure he also laughed his butt off when he watched it too, he kind of reminded me of a fat superhero, but kind of a cool dude at the same time. I loved the seal bashing because you used a really good cushioned sound for the bass drum, which made the seal sound like a padded teddy bear or something and it was just very funny with the French lyrics and stuff. Apples randomly dropping onto a conveyor belt and falling off, weird inded. Random explosions, bizarre text, fucking the rabbit and his cheeks turning red and wrinkled eyes from the exertion. Lolbsters, another good twist on words.

The whole thing was pure madness, but I like madness, you cannot beat abstract random insanity, it was a great collaboration, even more enjoyable was getting on the end credits with the really sad but noble music playing. I would love to be a character in your flash movie one day, as would Eric probably, it would look great, the NG Family, its an enormous family now.

Keep up the doodling, the framing, the animating, the mind-blowing.

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Proottalfain responds:

Thanks a bunch, also the song for the seal bashing is "Alors on danse" from Stromae. I didn't change the kick, that's just how it is in the song.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


The only bearable parts to watch were Marinated Artichoke's animations and the lobster SPAM.

Proottalfain responds:

Basically that means you didn't like Boss's parts XD


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

it turned out nicely

the frames in my music part went too fast, what was up with that? was there some sort of FPS problem or something?

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Proottalfain responds:

Idk mang but at least it was synced, unlike when I viewed the flash on my compootar.