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Strawberry Clock: Rise to Fame

I decided to make a game symbolizing Strawberry Clocks rise from humble beginnings (B) 9 years ago to King of the Portal. In Strawberry Clock rise to fame you will have to overcome major obstacles with flame (representing those who didn't respect Strawberry Clock's work) coming at you as well as a flood (representing the flood of other submissions Strawberry Clock had to beat to become King) underneath you. All the while you will collect B's which will help you rack up points and allow you to enter B mode when you have enough, soaring you ever higher to your goal of 100,000 feet in order to become King of the Portal.

Use the Arrow or AWSD keys to move, I hope you enjoy the game!

-Max Stein




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agitatedferret responds:

Did you do it?


its a worse version of that bouncing ball game with multiple powerups good and bad the only reason it would be highlighted as blue is because of clock day it dosent offer anything new or creative

agitatedferret responds:

This game is extremely creative as it chronicles the history of strawberry clock. And the reviewers who found your review helpful clearly agree with me in saying so.

As much as I hate strawberry clock...

I enjoyed this game

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not bad

but if you go past something and then fall back down theres nothing below you. perhaps more coding couldve fixed that.

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It's a really fun game with some challenge and a solid goal that is attainable for most of the people who play. The need of urgency with the water was complimented well with the need to dodge the flames. The B mode powerup made it a bit easy since it gave you a very large height boost which moved you really far away from the water. That and the platforms were too close together at the top so all you had to do was hold the up button and you would just continually float up. Just some minor issues in an otherwise really good clock day game which you don't see too many of.

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3.37 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2010
7:54 PM EDT
Adventure - Other