[CD10] Colin on Clock Day

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7/5/2012 *UPDATE 3* - #14 all-time, dicaprios:
http:// www.newgrounds.com/ dump/item/ d1e70ab4bb74aa8d6eb7f575a 76f4245

12/24/2011 *UPDATE 2* - #5 all-time, harlots:
http:// www.newgrounds.com/ dump/item/ 539e2baf319a0c768a410ea82 6867637

update: Top50 BEST of ALL TIME, BITCHES:
http:// www.newgrounds.com/ dump/item/ eed54eeb6740d8f945772a49c a6030f3

Colin Mochrie just can't help it.
Every single year, on a very special day, he just has to dance.

audio: Nish - Sagittarius (Alphazone Remix)


How do I say this...

I actually LIKED a clock day submission. WOW. 5/5 for you my friend.

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Punisher responds:

Thanks pal. :D

I love Colin Mochrie so I can appreciate this completely... great job lol


I know this flash isn't yours as I'm 100% positive I've seen this somewhere else a long time ago but I just love this loop. Who knows, that may have been you who uploaded it there a long time ago (even though that's highly unlikely). At least you know the music from it. Take your 10 and consider yourself lucky. Then again, It is Clock Day so who really cares? xD

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Punisher responds:

It's mine. The only other place I uploaded it to was Albino Black Sheep, that was back in the day though. This has been in my personal archives for awhile

Easily the best submission on NG. Fav'd and 5'd.

Punisher responds:

True story.

I normally don't do this,

Because I consider my reviews to be prestigious. I'm essentially a nobody on this website. However, I wanted to personally thank you, Colin Mochrie, as you make even this addictingly repetitive contemporary trance beat worth the several hundred hours I've spent listening to it on my Braille e-reader.

As for you, flash developer, I doubt you are still alive, for we all know that only THE CHOSEN ONES may refer to Colin Mochrie by anything other than "He Who Must Not Be Spaded".

I bid my balls farewell - The Advent Master

Punisher responds:

what is this, I don't even

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4.41 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2010
7:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Original