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[CD10] How About I..

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Author Comments

9/26/2012 *UPDATE* #13 all-time, slags:
http://www. newgrounds.com/ dump/item/ 9f20b832fe9523a65e6228ecd eef4dcc

2/11/2012 *UPDATE* #9 all-time, hoodrats:
http://www. newgrounds.com/ dump/draw/ cd4acd365e8f23ef807b09ddd c439f36.jpg

So? How about it?

audio: Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano

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metal gear whatever retarded olololololololololololololol

Punisher responds:

do you always herp when you derp?

Well, It was funny...

I found it funny, especially the way the bird dances. (he's very handsome, by the way)
However, there was only a small loop of the same music and bird dance.
You obviously have a good sense of humor and comedic timing, try to make something other than loops!

Punisher responds:

I just might.

Well, it's the tune, but no real video.

Hmm, I should give you some kudos for throwing some sort of animated .gif there in the shape of the parrot. How about you slap my shit? You kinky fucker.

It could have been so more, but when we consider that you've only thrown a good quality sample loop from the very catchy tune of Yolanda Be Cool, you're almost onto a winner. I almost wish that you'd animated the parrot to act in a video similar to the actual music video for this track.

Still, I'd love to see what you're capable of outside of Clock Day, so give it a shot :)

[Review Request Club]

Punisher responds:

I do not actually want to slap feces, it is merely a figure of speech.

It is more commonly seen on the internets with an angry gnome picture type meme thing.. this is just moreso in fun. Like a parrot with sass.

That's gross

I have to wish you a happy Clock Day even though this did not have anything to do with Clock Day (as far as I know). The best part about this was probably the parrot. It was a little cute to just see him rocking his head back and forth and back and forth over and over. Why would anyone want to slap sh*t? I find that would get your hands dirty. Next time, I suggest that you put in a background as I believed this lacked one (or at least it didn't have any color) but nonetheless it was pretty faithful to the style of the Clock Crew.

Punisher responds:

Rate this review as useless. [-]
You are an idiot.


That's one handsome birdie. Cool song. 10!

Punisher responds:

you're going to give him a big ego.
don't you start this stuff