Luke is a massive prick

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This is a film very close to my heart. After traveling across eastern europe for a couple of months I came to a realisation: Luke is a knee-jerking shit piece. Naturally I was inspired and dove into action.

With the help of veteran physicist (and my good close buddy) Hans Dirt I developed a technique using sand and a magnifying lens that I felt best expressed my feelings towards the fat dick hole Luke. We spent several weeks projecting the shadows created by the dopplism (the technique) onto light-sensative linen to heady the experience.
These linen sheets were then wound tightly around a size 2 reel about the size of an average-sized barrel and scanned it digitally.

The sound effects were recorded in a tin room.

There is a great deal of myself (figuratively) and my fluids (literally) in this film. If you squint hard you can make them out. I hope you enjoy it.

edit: Turn your monitor sideways for best results.


Luke should be ashamed

Entertaining, but more educational.

Last time I saw Luke, he kicked my shins. Before that, the last time I saw him I was telling him that I was going in for a shin operation. What a bag of dicks.

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Munglai responds:

Luke is a total ball-tongue

God damn Luke

Just hearing his name makes me mad as all fucking hell.

He left chocolate fingerprints all over my wiimote

Lovely movie, still.

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Munglai responds:

man that ain't nothing

last time he was round my place he jizzed in a tesco bag and fucking hung it up to dry like that was even gonna work

then he let a can of beatles loose in my god-damn fiat

Actual /Animation/!

Wow, you don't see that every day!

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When I find that guy...

I swear when I find that guy Luke I'm going to knock his block off!

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Munglai responds:

he's a dildo kisser

finally a message I can get behind

luke deserves every damning animation he's got coming to him. happy clock day. {{{}}}

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Munglai responds:

fuck luke that fucking prick

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Aug 15, 2010
6:08 PM EDT