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B For Effort

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Thanks to Clam, Screwdriver and Biggs for helping me with a vast list of problems I encountered while making this extremely short movie.

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that was BAD . it's really badly animated, not funny.

It is the clockpocalypse.

This is evidence of a secret clock-mason-insidework-fulp conspiracy that's controlling newgrounds and lobbied ratings in the background.

How is this in the best of all time top? It's because of those darn clockmasons and their clocktemplar brothers and their secretive clockerience banking society.


...was this actually finished? Somebody was a little too hasty here. Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure there's some sort of artistic merit in there somewhere. Pip pip!


How the hell is this even in the best of all time list?


Its not bad.

It looks good, it sounds good and its mildly funny. The B is a pun on the clock movie B- which is fair enough. There's nothing actually wrong with it, despite how short it is. In fact, as an animator I can relate to the difficulty in getting to grips with Flash.

I recognise that somehow a "vote fraud" has been put in place here, but so? . It goes up, it goes down again. Nobody died, no tragedy!