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klik say happy clock day

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happy clock day

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Well, I think there may have been a mistake in this, because this appears to be a blank screen. It's too bad this got such a low rating on Clock Day. You could have at least made this Clock themed by putting some Clocks in it. I find it amazing that so many people managed to contribute to this. I didn't hear any voices or music, nor did I see anything at all. It seems a bit impossible for numerous people to work on a blank screen.

I suggest next time you try to submit something. I'm guessing it might have a loading error, but I think this is in fact what it's supposed to do, with just the blank screen. Hopefully, you guys can all work together to make something better next year. There are so many better things out there. I think this might even be my least favorite thing I ever reviewed.

ChandlerThompson responds:



Best flash ever YOU WIN 1092379832568924879245897 INTERNETZ

ChandlerThompson responds:

I think you're related to Klik but I can't tell...

In awe

This is an orgasmic flash.

ChandlerThompson responds:

That's how it was created as well. All of the collaborators at the same time.

Almost better than B

This is probably a revolutionary film, It obviously is better than anything that ever came to Newgrounds, maybe even better than B!

ChandlerThompson responds:

Thank you for the kind words!

Klik responds:


I wish I had my camara

Well there are a lot of contributors so you know its good. The authors description is flawless "happy clock day" I almost threw up when I read it since its so amazing. And that ad "Perfect World MMORPG" really pulled it all together. Soapbubble really did a good job with the story line. thenewbies is a great company. I like there shoes. And Idiot-Finder is Artist and Sound. DAMM. If it wasn't for him it would just be stick figures and spitting noises. And xenonmonkey best voice actor ever. He had the right voice for it. The animation ran smoothly and Great job programming this. I was profound by how awesome this flash is

Well after looking real closely at this I realized it was just a white box and that wasn't cool.

Next time make a red box

Art&Animation - 10
Sound&Music - 10
Ad - 10
Description - 10
Graphics - 10
Story line - 10
Voice - 10
Colors - 10
Title - 9 (needed more monkeys)
Contributors - 10
Score - 9
Usage of the color white - 0
Overall - 9.80333333333(rounded to 10)

ChandlerThompson responds:

Thank you for the thorough review, still too low of a rating!

Klik responds:

it is artistic genuis

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2010
4:06 PM EDT