Limbo 2: The Bars Lowered

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Explosions! Decapitations! Eggs! Limbo for the Xbox 360 has it all!

But what if the brilliant minds behind the 17 Guitar Hero rehashes were to design the sequel?

I animated this, and my buddy Derek did the (awesome) voice work as Chuck. I hope you like chuck.

I'm still learning flash, so please excuse any incorrect uses of frame-by-frame or tweening, jerks. Just saying it in adance. Love you :D

EDIT: Front freaking page?! I am freaking out. Thank you, good sirs!

Thanks for all of the great reviews, it's great to see how well people took this effort in, it made my weekend! My week ends on Tuesday ;)

I was kind of hoping to see this on NG's Video Game Parodies section, so I recommended it. If you agree, please take to time to do the same and immortalize it (Fingers Crossed). Thanks!



Just played this not to long ago, and this was a really funny flash to watch after. As for activision taking this game over, it was just hilarious.

Great Humour

Great take on it mate. I love when people put down CoD gamers. And Funniest of all, I could really see that haapening to Limbo 2

Yeas, yyeeas

Yeah lets see what game sequels were shittier than the first by far; Crackdown 2, Saint's Row 2, Halo 2, Serious Sam 2 (wow after the first.. jesus), those are just the ones that really get to me. And props for the stereotypical mocking voice.

Let's fuck our core audience.

Screw the weird fro kid, I'm choosing Mini-Me.


lmfao, tea baggin Spider XD

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Aug 15, 2010
2:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody