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StrawberryClock Returns

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Finished this in two days. Boy, I haven't submitted one of these in a while. I think I forgot how to write a proper author commentary. Bluh.

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Its good, and funny like when rupee was burned down and he said he left, for no apperent reason.


you should do more of these, i enjoy your shorts, and most, the ''mentos shorts''..
this was epic too! i liked hwo it showed the end of ruppee-clock ,and how albino was avoiding talking about this, and how all the others ended up doing cool things, and albino replied in the end, with only ''yes'', and how it was funny. too bad SBC was rad and cryin', too sad :/

still, great animation, and quite fluid, good work, and fun humour, loved the tree, part, where he chilled!

do more!

Its OK

sounds, animation art all OK, though not exciting. Who is the white berry?

Story was good, but could have gone on and developed more- one could make so much more of this. I even have a script for an SBC returns story if anyone wants one.

Anyone care to say why Rupee left?

I enjoyed that

I thought about it, and it's been... 1.5 years since Rupee left, I think. Time flies.