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OrangeClock tells a joke about strawberries. StrawberryClock is not amused.

Happy Clockday.

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I remember this!

Probably the only reason I liked this is because I have heard this joke before. The funny thing is that I hear that in most versions, the story is different. It's actually that a kid hears a word like "purple flower" or "purple passion". I am SO glad that I got to see someone who was more familiar with the version I heard. It's the classic shaggy dog story, and one I have told to other people. What's funny is how fast OrangeClock says it.

Of course, it is a long joke so he should say it like that. The animation wasn't that good, but it's the joke that's the real highlight of this cartoon. I like how OrangeClock's, uh, thing changes color as he does. Also in my version, it was that it's the boy who gets run over and killed. There's also a part about him escaping jail with someone else too.

(title in work)

Classic clock stuff right here, and I kind of liked it. The simplistic drawings and repeated animations set the tone that I love so much. The joke going on and on, and repeating over and over was pretty funny too, but honestly I was pretty disappointed with the final joke at the end "Remember to cross the street". Thought you could have done better with that. The buildup was much more than what I got out of it. Happy Clock Day!

Not too bad

It is very hard to follow at that speed, and of course, it is a shaggy dog story, so it wasn't worth following, but hey, its a Clockday sub and it could be a lot worse.

If it had pix about the story and/or subtitles, I would have rated it higher.

Auz responds:


I could've lowered the speed, but I thought the audio track was long enough already. Subtitles might have been a good idea, but I honestly didn't feel like putting that much effort into it :p It's only a silly clock day flash.

Can't believe I listened

Sorry man, I really can't believe I listened to that ear rape of a joke. My reaction would be similar to Strawberry's but then I couldn't really tell what he was on about.

Give us subtitles and do something about the drawing. Perhaps even animate the joke, but that would be a lot to ask of a Clock Day flash, I suppose.

[Review Request Club]

Auz responds:

Sorry Coop :(

I'll try to do my best next time.


A masterpiece among masterpiece's. A beautifully drawn picture. The speech bubble was a triumph. And the joke was uplifting. A real winner. I would have rated you a 6 if Strawberry had a crown on.

Auz responds:

Dang, I know I should've added that crown :(

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Aug 15, 2010
1:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Original