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Ticketless is a playful tribute to Canabalt, just to have a high-speed laugh. The ticket inspector is on your heels because you don't have a valid ticket, so you have to run!! Jump, slide under and bump obstacles to avoid getting fined, and see how far can you go to avoid getting a fine... the number of coaches you run through is your score. There's three level of difficulty, and in each one you have more controls!!

Easy - Just jump the luggage with the A key.
Normal - Jump the luggage, and also shove through doors with the S key.
Hard - Inspectors are coming from both sides! Jump, shove, and slide under the inspectors' legs with the D button.


lol cool

looks like tom fulp running you can tell if you look at it for a while.

Quite good

Other canabalt 'inspired' games tend to be awful. This brought orignailty and its own storyline (sorta) so you get a good 7/10 from me for putting in the effort to make it your own.

cool game

I only have time to try the easy mode of the game.. but i really liked the idea of trying to run from that guy and jumpin a bunch of luggage. great work! great idea!

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This is awesome and difficult in some aspects. Easy controls, just the right graphics (considering that it's pixel) and really cool. Thank you for the submission.

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I do all the running and jumping and if I dont get to jump on luggages I will go slow but the police he just runs and never slows down. >:l anyway good game. :D

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2010
6:32 AM EDT