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super epic battle

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BananaLock dies because Strawberryclock kills him


Bad but funny too

I got a cheap laugh from this seeing Strawberry Clock stab Banana Lock and then blabbing all crazy like,the animation could have been a lot better like better character design and a background but for what it's worth at least it's something and something that gave me a cheap laugh.


I died a little bit on the inside. But only because it was so fucking awesome.

Ah I understand

So strawberry clock represents the repressed scottish during the time of William Wallace, thus making strawberry clock William Wallace himself, and BananaLock is actually Great Britain, who at the time had a king, but I really don't remember nor care what his name was.

A historical metaphor for the ages! Goodshow chap!

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ScrewClock responds:

U gat it

I get it! It's satire!


Best part was the preloader...

I see a bit of lol in here, but not much... The animating was, at best, very poorly done. In fact, I feel that if I had the audio, I could do the same quality job in under twenty minutes. There is as much importance in quality of your art as there is 'does this make everyone laugh'.

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3.77 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2010
12:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Original