Zombie Warfare DX

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Zombie Warfare DX

Note: Press P to pause while in game to access your options menu. This is very important if you are having any lag as turning on low quality and turning off blood can help reduce lag. Also if you want to mute the game or turn off the screen shaking effect that occurs when you shoot a zombie you can do that in the pause menu as well. Zombie Warfare DX is an optimized version of Zombie Warfare with much less lag and loads of bug fixes.

In Zombie Warfare DX your mission is to survive the incoming onslaught of zombies for 30 straight waves. In between each wave you'll get to spend the money you earn on new weapons, upgrades, and more. You will have to face two bosses in this game one on wave 15 and one on wave 30. Think you can survive the Zombie Warfare?

Arrows / AWSD keys to move your character. Mouse to aim and shoot. Number keys (1-5) to switch weapons. Space bar to activate rage when available(Doubles speed and makes shots faster and more powerful. Rage charges as you kill zombies.) P to pause and access options.

Programmed by:
Max Stein

Art by:


Nothing new or original.

It looks nice, but I've seen other games that look exactly the same.

Not only do the graphics look borrowed, it doesn't look like you did anything original here.

There is a glitch that gives your gun permanent infinite ammo. For instance, if you Rage with the Minigun, you get infinite Minigun ammo for the rest of the game.

I thought it was odd that a random boss was thrown at me early in the game. There should be a boss every five or ten levels to keep things interesting, otherwise this game is just a bunch of grinding to get to the end, with no real strategy involved.

I had about $200k that I couldn't do anything with at the end, because I had everything upgraded. Work on the money system.

If you're going to copy a specific game type (like this top-down 360 degree shooter) then you've got to beef it up with a lot of originality. Rage mode and weapon upgrades is a good start, but you need more.

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this game wasn't original in any way. u never had to move to beat a wave. and the squish noise was just annoying! but im sure it wont get booted. it'll make it to ng because its got zombies and guns.

Not bad

Good graphics, nice gameplay until wave 11. Ran into some sort of bug where I had one zombie left to kill but could not get to. Shows up as a green dot on my radar.
Couldn't play any further than this. Fix this bug and you've got a pretty good game on your hands.

agitatedferret responds:

I just uploaded a new version that should fix the issue on wave 11/12

Either I am a zombie killing legend or...

this game is way underbalanced.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but it lacks what a zombie survival game is based around, the struggle to survive against a relentless onslaught of undead foes. While the game captured the relentless onslaught of undead foes part, it failed at the struggle to survive part. I got through the game with only the fully upgraded pistol untill wave twelve when the game glitched up on me and I couldnt advance. The map is too big, upgrades are too cheap, and guns are overbalenced.

Other than that the game was great.

Average--needs more content.

It is not very difficult or exciting. Consider gibs and more weapons. Boss zombies for each wave would add some variety. Power ups are a bit redundant too.

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2010
8:30 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 3rd Place August 15, 2010