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Zombie Warfare DX

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Zombie Warfare DX

Note: Press P to pause while in game to access your options menu. This is very important if you are having any lag as turning on low quality and turning off blood can help reduce lag. Also if you want to mute the game or turn off the screen shaking effect that occurs when you shoot a zombie you can do that in the pause menu as well. Zombie Warfare DX is an optimized version of Zombie Warfare with much less lag and loads of bug fixes.

In Zombie Warfare DX your mission is to survive the incoming onslaught of zombies for 30 straight waves. In between each wave you'll get to spend the money you earn on new weapons, upgrades, and more. You will have to face two bosses in this game one on wave 15 and one on wave 30. Think you can survive the Zombie Warfare?

Arrows / AWSD keys to move your character. Mouse to aim and shoot. Number keys (1-5) to switch weapons. Space bar to activate rage when available(Doubles speed and makes shots faster and more powerful. Rage charges as you kill zombies.) P to pause and access options.

Programmed by:
Max Stein

Art by:

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So interesting!!! Thank you!!!

I loved it!

i actually liked it. either you fixed all the glitches everyone else is complaining about....or they just dont know how to play. i give you an 8 because it was the same thing over and over with no real story, but other then that great game :D

liked it but played it b4

if i hadn't already played crimsonland i would have loved this, but it was way too similar to take seriously, you might have well included the perks to make it better. still, i love killin zombies, and the motion tracker was a plus

good but a gug

this is a grate game and i love playing it. its alot of fun but i have tryed to beat it 3 or so times but it keeps glitching and the level wont conclude . on the motion tracker it shows an enemy but it stays the same distance away even if u walk towards it.

if it wasn't for that simple little bug it would be a 9-19 easy

Nice shooter

Nice game to kill the time. Maybe a bit too easy.
I stopped playing at 1080 kills, cause the minigun + infinite ammo is like a cheat to beat every wave. Dunno how long it takes till you can't just stand in the center anymore (exceptions -> boss), but you'll get tired after a while.
The controls are good. Maybe I would have had more fun if I haven't played similar shooter before, but like I said it's well done.