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Play wonderful arcade game with arrows and balloons!


Copying much?

Not only is it a totally unoriginal concept, but you use the same kind of balloons used in Bloons (I noticed a boomerang balloon. Familiar?). Also, you used exactly the same sound effects as used in Bloons. And to top it all of, the game itself wasn't fun.

Disappointed. :/

The concept itself is well overdone, so I was hoping for some new variety in this game, something to make you stand out against the rest. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The arrows seem really heavy, since the physics of throwing them seems really off. When the pointy metal tip of the arrow slides along the surface of a balloon, you'd expect it to pop. But not only did that not happen in this game, my arrows would go straight through balloons without so much as popping them. I was really just not impressed by this game at all.

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Nothing new

Well, the game don't have noithing new, it's also have some bug when u pass a level and try to click on the "click", the's no instructions also.
Well.. try to invate a little...

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Hit Box on the balloons needs to be bigger

When I barely nick a baloon, I expect it to pop, When an arrow passes a good 10 pixels inside the ballon and dosent pop it makes me go "WTF?". Thats not something you want your player to do.

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Not fun

The balloon popping game has been done better on several occasions.
The controls aren't great,e no affect arrows are too heavy and half the time they have no effect.

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2.17 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2010
6:17 AM EDT
Sports - Other