The Prince of Saiyans

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Author Comments

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check out my movie!

I plan to make a bunch of episodes of these if you guys like them. This is kinda just to set up the whole series. I plan to add many plots twists in future installments, as well as add TONS of other characters. If you like DBZ I think you should find this to be pretty cool!

Thanks again, and enjoy!

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So little

I guess it might have made more sense if I saw some other entries, but this was not good to me. What I thought was weird was how Vegeta didn't appear in his Super Saiyan (1 or 2) form when fighting Goku, or at least when firing his Big Bang attack. Well, he did become one later. It just seems like everyone is acting so much out of character. Goku would never kill Vegeta after getting a son unless he was being mind controlled or something. I also did not like how everything just seems to be still images. It just seemed so disorganized.

I suggest you try to put in action and not just a bunch of pictures. You could use sprite work or regular animation and watch and read some of the tutorials. This might have had a higher rating if you had just submitted it a few days later. I guess you were being courageous by submitting it on your own. Is that supposed to be Future Trunks?

it was nice. 10 for effort''

it was short but good..

Gotta start somewhere.

First of this isn't even really animation.
Its pictures with words on the bottom.
I don't know how much you know about the different types of animation styles out there but I would suggest you find which one you feel most comfortable with and start animating. You can only get better with practice.

The story got my interest, the way its set up for a tale of revenge.

Good luck and I'll keep my eye out for your next episode.

DroLord responds:

Happy you liked the story, and I will have to do like you say and find an animation style. Also, happy to hear your interested in episode 2 :)

Thanks for the review!


you have a cool idea, and your drawing is quite impressive, but my mark for this movie is only a six because I do not see any actual fighting, only the big bang attack and the kamehameha. for that, i was quite dissapointed. but still, for a first, not bad, but your idea is really cool, but if you want to make a serie out of this, I think you'd better show some real fighting with animations. but I repeat once more, your idea can be really awesome, and your drawing is quite impressive.

DroLord responds:

Thanks! Yea this was more to see if people would like the whole idea, and it seems at least some people do, so I look forward to giving you more action in the next one!


There was some good in this flash but many things need improvement...

The good!
- Storyline was decent
- Sound and music were good

Try to improve upon...
- Perhaps seperate battle sounds from each character
- Animate animate animate! It felt like a slideshow honestly...

This wasn't a terrible flash by any means but it would be nice to see some improvement... then resubmit!

Keep up the good work!

DroLord responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll be sure to focus more on the fighting in the next one. Its just tough when you're new to flash, but I'm happy you enjoyed the story and music :)

Credits & Info

2.60 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2010
4:26 PM EDT